8th Anniversary!

June 18, 2014

I'm not generally sentimental about romance, being the pragmatic girl that I am. Regardless, I am quite pleased to report that Don and I have been married for 8 years as of yesterday!

8 years is just a number, since we've been together for even longer (12 years or so), and sometimes it feels like EVEN LONGER during a campaign year (in which I believe those involved age twice as fast that year).

The life we've been living and building together has really given me occasion to pause. We've travelled, bought properties, sold properties, renovated numerous times, moved, run in three separate elections (and won), and have these two fantastic children. Exciting!

More than just being proud of the stuff we face together, Don and I really operate as a team. We communicate, coordinate, and commiserate. We're both growing all the time (yay for personal development) and support one another with our choices and actions. I think we show that we love one another through gestures and action as opposed to declarations.

Talk is easy. Doing takes time and energy.

Just a few thoughts on my married life.

So congrats to us!


In our non-romantic manner, we met up for dinner down the street after work. Despite our pragmatism, we're still sweet - Don gave me his blazer to wear on the ride back because I was cold.


Barry Rudolph said...

Happy Anniversary!! xo Stephanie

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