Diner en Blanc

July 30, 2014

So a while back my friend Cory asked me if I wanted to go to the Diner en Blanc with him. I said, sure!

It all seemed novel, until I realized I had zero white clothes. So I bought a dress (thanks, GAP). Then I realized you had to bring your own... EVERYTHING. 

As the day approached, I started to dread it. What a pain. It's a fancy dinner where you actually do all the work! We had to get a specifically sized table, bring real stemware and china... and the morning of the dinner we had thunderstorms. JUST GREAT. 

I had a poo-poo attitude about the whole thing, but Cory and I just went ahead and did it. We brought clear umbrellas, our two picnic baskets full of goodies, and skepticism. 

It turns out quite well! Cory and I both seem to be the prepared, outdoorsy-type people, and we had our rig up and ready to go in record time. I was really proud of our efficiency and preparedness!

I also started the evening accidentally shooting on Manual on my camera. But, the effects look really awesome! I'm sad that I fixed the camera and then everything started looking much more ordinary. 

This was the part where I fixed the camera. Also the part where it started to rain while we are in line for our busses to take us to the secret location. 

Once we got there, we got it all set up!

The china is vintage Limoges, as are those little champagne glasses.
And yes, Cory painted pineapples white and created our centrepieces out of them. He is a genius.  

I actually told him I thought he was crazy, but I am happy to admit that I was wrong. The pineapples were truly fabulous. 

I can't remember if these photos of us were taken before or after the rain - We survived!

As did everybody else.

I even brought a little candle. 

Then, there were sparklers!

And I take my words back - It was a pretty swell time and the weird weather was somewhat of an adventure... I'd probably do it again!


Anita said...

Your blog continues to be wonderful. Becoming the mayor's wife hasn't changed you a bit.

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