July 1, 2014

I forgot to post these photos I took several weekends ago - The ones of my neighbours and I riding over to Glass Monkey for Friday night libations!

So fun to "pick up" Anneliese like we're little kids. 

"Can she play?" 


The ride over to Glass Monkey from our place is mostly a multi use trail. 

When you show up with six bikes you just sort of lock them to one another. We had several mountain bikes, a Linus Dutchi, Pashley, and Batavus. 

The boys ended up with a rainbow of beers. How festive!

We hogged the patio for the evening, and enjoyed the heat lamps once the sun went down and after we braved a tiny sprinkle of rain. It's wonderful how tough Albertans are to changing weather. Those of us who are used to being outdoors just put on a jacket and carry on. 

We are really blessed to have wonderful neighbour/friends. I really can't express how lucky I feel to have ended up living somewhere surrounded by excellent people. 

Our lives are so busy. It's sometimes a bit complicated to coordinate outings with friends. And oftentimes if we're free, it's very last minute. So having your friends living within shouting distance is really handy!


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