Commonwealth Games in Glasgow!

August 6, 2014

Last night I wrote a beautiful ode to Glasgow and detailed some of my past week there with the Edmonton bid team (we're vying for the 2022 Commonwealth Games to be in Edmonton). 

Then I pressed "publish" and things went funky and the whole thing was deleted! 


Instead, you will get the abbreviated version. Which is basically a bunch of photos. 

{Unplanned meeting of Prince William and Kate - In short, they are awesome}

So awesome, that I went to go sit down and digest the experience, when I totally missed prince Harry coming down the queue. Luckily, Don was still up and about, and had the change to have a nice exchange. 

Spent lots of time at their city council chambers.

Bought a commemorative Glasgow Commonwealth Games Tam. 

Rode on their tiny subway. 

Saw a castle on a hill (in Edinburgh)

Don and Reg Milley (our chair bid) were interviewed by the BBC!

This is Clyde, the games mascot (I believe there was a design competition amongst their primary schools)

It was also fantastic to see Canada win medals on many occasions!

Fingers and toes crossed that Edmonton is successful with the bid, but we won't know until fall of 2015. Long road between now and then!


Jean said...

Best wishes to Edmonton to host Commonwealth Games.

Which reminds me the Pan Am Games are in Toronto next years..not sure if I'll attend anything but I do have most of my family livin g there. They've done some cool stuff in preparation ....artistically decorated public street pianos all over the downtown core and mid-town since 2012 I believe. Some of the best designs are there. (I know other big cities are doing this also.)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog after searching for... I don't remember what. But I love what you're doing, you have a great site. Here are some good vibes from Providence, RI!


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