Summer Traditions

August 11, 2014

Have been at the lake! Though I'm sad to say these excursions will be winding down due to increasing work in the coming weeks. It's been good while it's been good! Wearing lots of denim and hanging out in the trailer. 

Plus, floating around in the boat with our new friend whom Dexter has named, Greenbeard.

Alice has been rocking her own casual wear and pigtails. 

 Then, we've been participating in other traditional summer activities - Like biking down to the folk festival!

Despite the heat, intense construction (pushing and carrying bikes off road), and my chain falling off TWICE - Shelby and I made it down and back up the hill again. We mastered napping in the shade while listening to music. 

On the final day of the festival Don and I brought the kids! Dexter came and enjoyed a Jake Shimabukuro concert while Alice...

Drank tons of water in the beer tent.

 Folk Fest - There is something for everyone!

We've got a hot week ahead, with friends visiting and the Fringe Festival launching. Looking forward to sharing soon!


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